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About Columbia

For over a century, Columbia has built a rich tradition of quality craftsmanship, innovative products and trusted service. Originating as a manufacturer of bicycles, the Columbia brand has leveraged it’s deep roots in manufacturing expertise to produce best-in-class outdoor power products for residential lawn care, cultivation, chore and snow removal.

As part of MTD’s North American operations, Columbia’s product lineup now includes both lap bar and steering wheel zero turn riders, yard tractors built on our all new performance platform, rugged cultivators, and a wide range of snow throwers, including our first line of three-stage units designed for even the toughest of tasks.

Columbia is sold through an extensive network of professional dealers, in Canada and the US, who offer years of experience in outdoor power products, trusted customer care and expert support including genuine Columbia parts, accessories and service for all of our products. Our industry-leading service professionals insure that no matter your lifestyle, yard size or outdoor task, Columbia FITS.


Colonel Albert Augustus Pope founds what will become Columbia Manufacturing Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

1878 - 1900

Columbia sets the standard for bicycle production, modernized manufacturing processes and produces over 50 models of bicycles known for their quality construction, innovation and gains the distinction of being America’s First Bicycle.

1901 - 1951

The company increases manufacturing capabilities and consolidates several bicycle manufacturers underneath the Columbia name.


Tubular steel school furniture is produced to augment bicycle sales in the “off-season.”


Columbia merges with MTD, a worldwide leader of outdoor power equipment with facilities in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia producing equipment for both residential and commercial markets.


Columbia/MTD begin manufacturing power equipment: snowmobiles, 133cc all-terrain motorbikes and the popular Mud Bug, a popular all-terrain vehicle that could be equipped with three wheels or snow skis for year round use.


Designs and builds the first line of lawn and garden powered equipment for the Columbia brand sold throughout Canada.

1980’s and 90’s

Design and fabrication of Columbia products is refined and improved to meet the needs of single family homes. The slogan “The Service People” becomes synonymous with the service and quality of Columbia’s trusted dealers.

2000 - 2017

Columbia continues to expand its dealer network and innovative product lineup throughout North America featuring zero-turn mowers (including a first in class steering wheel model), three-stage snow throwers, new-platform yard tractors and rugged cultivators.

2018 - Today

Columbia underwent a brand refresh ensuring its relevancy and ongoing success for future generations. Staying true to its heritage, the brand identity builds on a strong history of quality craftsmanship and innovative design to continue to bring “best in class” outdoor power equipment to it’s valued customers.